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Flat Roofing Systems

Kemper SystemKemper System - The world’s leading cold liquid applied waterproofing system, bonds directly to any substrate to provide a seamless, elastomeric, UV-stable membrane that cannot delaminate. With a proven track record with projects carried out in the sixties, still watertight after 5 decades.

Ideal for new build, repairs and refurbishment projects with applications including flat roofs, balconies and terraces, water fountains, green roofs, used with warm and cold roof installations, and now approved with heritage properties and lead replacement.

Cefil UK – Developed to achieve fast, sustainable, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing waterproofing solutions.

PVC membranes have opened their way to all waterproofing sectors thanks to their many advantages, such as flexibility and strong tear resistance, low safety risks, ease of installation and excellent whole life costs.

The Cefil range of waterproofing products has a long and successful history, produced under strict quality control standards.